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Who Can I Hire, Inc

At Who Can I Hire, Inc, we are dedicated to you and realizing your online marketing needs. With over 25 years in geo-location marketing experience, we recognize that every client has different needs and expectations, and WE are a different kind of marketing company by practicing methods that contrast the unoriginal SEO company.

More Than A Marketing Company

We are unique in that our commitment to you is customized to your needs, unlike the one size fits all strategy that most marketing and SEO companies utilize. Our dedication in improving and adapting search techniques has helped our clients achieve dramatic results.

Location Marketing

Utilizing hundreds of local and hyperlocal directories we will increase your exposure to a wide customer base.

Target Marketing Through Social Channels

Simply put, we increase a client’s exposure online using content developed for or from the client by manually optimizing multiple social media channels leading customers to you.


Our commitment to you, as a client and small business is unwavering. We will do everything we can to help you achieve positive results. We like to think that through continued analysis regarding online search that we are able to solve complex issues and provide continuous improvements to our client’s online exposure. Our dedication in approving and adapting search techniques has helped our clients achieve dramatic results.


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  • Phone: (888) 700-8290
  • e-Mail: info@whocanihire.com

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